DELTA Fiber Nederland expands the use of DynaCommerce Omnius

By 26 October 2018 No Comments

DELTA Fiber Nederland, the third largest fixed telco in the Netherlands, has expanded the Omnius omni-channel and order orchestration solution to both its brands to power the digital transformation of the sales channels.

Next to the brand Caiway, this solution will also provide customers of the brand DELTA a consolidated sales portfolio and an end-to-end omnichannel experience across all customer touchpoints, especially their digital channels.

Due to the easy-to-use commercial product catalog of Omnius, that allows to quickly define new products and bundles for Sales, DELTA is able to quickly launch new products across the complete service area.

The pre-defined sales processes and optimized sales applications will help DELTA to significantly increase sales and reduce launch time for new products from months or weeks to days. Based on the productized, telecommunication focused commerce capabilities of Omnius, providing open APIs for easy integration with IT backends and the touchpoint business applications, DynaCommerce was able to deliver the first version of the software to DELTA within 100 days.

DELTA Fiber Nederland is also the parent company of Caiway, which is using the Omnius solution successfully since 2016 and experienced significant business value since the launch of the solution.

Rick Centeno, CEO of Dynacommerce:

“We are very excited to work with DELTA in bringing our solution to their customer and providing a consolidated, rich customer experience across all channels. The fact that DELTA Fiber Nederland has selected our solution for both brands, which is also powering the Caiway sales channels, shows the value we can bring to our customers and is proof to the quality of our product”

John Wittekamp, CTO DELTA Fiber Nederland

“We strive to make it easier and more attractive for customers to choose for different products and services. For Caiway as well as the DELTA brand, the online and offline retail businesses must ensure that their new and old channels provide a consistent and deliberate customer experience. This requires the alignment of processes applied in all sales channels. This is where Dynacommerce’s IT solution Omnius comes in. The platform proved to be successful for Caiway recently and therefore has been selected for DELTA as well.”