We’re constantly challenging ourselves to come up with innovative ways to solve the business needs of our customers.

Rick Centeno

Chief Executive Officer

With Dynacommerce since 2016
Joined from Ingenico, where he was a board member for technology
Executed several global transformation and trade-sales e.g. Nokia-Siemens-Networks BSS (Redknee) and Globalcollect (Ingenico)
Started his own transformation and change company in 2007 after leaving Vodafone
More than 15 years experience in telecom, media and utilities
Holds a PhD in Physics from Leiden university

Pieter Pabst

Chief Technology Officer

Due to little sleep and strong work ethic, he possesses both extensive practical experience and high-level knowledge of ERP and eCommerce technologies.
Former owner of an eCommerce software development startup.
Joined us from DynaLean, where he was Head of Software Development.
Holds bachelor degrees in Software Engineering, Network Infrastructure Design, and Industrial Automation.

Ger Coolen

Head of Support & Maintenance

Over 20 years’ experience in telecoms, including several CTO positions with Vodafone operating companies.
Extensive experience of outsourcing as a customer and a supplier.
Joined us in September 2016 from Ericsson, where he introduced HSPA, Network Modernization and drove the implementation of a new BSS system.
Holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Technical University of Eindhoven.

Stefan Henss

Head of Global Delivery

Responsible for the delivery of Dynacommerce solutions to the global customer base.
Over 20 years’ in experience in telecoms, occupying senior and executive positions within Nokia-Siemens Networks and Siemens.
Previously responsible for the delivery of Nokia Siemens Networks Business Solutions in the Middle-East and Africa region.
Joined us in June 2017 from Redknee, where he headed the Energy and Utilities business unit.
Holds a PhD in Physics from the Technical University of Munich.

Jens Voigt

Head of Marketing & Product Management

Over 20 years’ experience in leading international product management teams and launching new products.
Occupied several management positions at Redknee, Nokia Siemens Networks and Siemens.
Joined us in February 2017 from Redknee where he was responsible for Business Development and Strategy for Vertical Markets.
Holds a Master degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg.

David Caudle

Head of Sales

Over 20 years’ experience in Sales & Business Development across Consulting, Systems Integration, Infrastructure, and Managed Services.

Occupied senior positions in Accenture, IBM, Nokia Siemens Networks, and Amdocs
Joined us in August 2017 from Amdocs where he was a Sales Director focused on the SE Asia market.

Holds a Bachelor Degree in Philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania

Manja Tassie

Human Resources Manager

With Dynacommerce since July 2017.
Responsible for optimizing HR processes and ensures alignment between organizational and personal goals.
Joined from from VidaXL, where she was a Senior HR Advisor.
Has over 15 years’ experience in Human Resources Management, including implementing HR strategies in national and international settings.
She has occupied several HR positions and participated in various HR projects as an entrepreneur.
Holds a bachelor degree in HR and is a licensed practitioner of the TMA method.

Saikat Mitra

Head of Research & Development

Over 20 years’ experience in telecoms, including driving M&A activities to support business growth.

Responsible for all development and research activities within DynaCommerce

Occupied several senior executive positions within RedKnee, Nokia-Siemens and Siemens.

Joined us in April 2017 from Redknee, where he was VP Global Business Services.

Holds a Masters in Computer Science from Utkal University.